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Fuglies safety glasses have been tested, and are certified, to meet the AS/NZS1337 standard for medium (ballistic) impact industrial eye protection.
SunSmart Sunglasses
All Fuglies sunglasses are UV400 rated to meet Category 3 of Australian Standard AS1067:2003 for UV and IR protection giving them SunSmart program compliance.

AS/NZS1337 Safety Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Safety Sunglasses

Our prescription safety sunglasses and clear safety glasses feature AS1337.6 medium impact UV400 or polarised Trivex or polycarbonate single vision safety lenses custom-made to your prescription and available in a variety of frame styles.

Safety Rated: Our prescription safety sunglasses are either certified to, or fully compliant with, the medium impact (45m/s) eyewear protection provisions of AS/NZS1337.6. Look for the Benchmark logo on the frame images below to choose certified models.

Prices shown include lenses and frames, and normal delivery charges apply. Delivery is approximately 14-21 days from when you place your pre-paid order.

How To Read Your Safety Sunglass Prescription
Here's how it works:

  • Choose your frame style
  • Choose your lens colour - smoke, copper or clear
  • Choose your safety lens type - non-polarised, polarised or photochromic
  • Fill in your prescription details - we will also need you to email ( or fax (07 4055 8471) a copy of your prescription to us as well.
  • Add your order to the shopping basket then proceed to the Checkout to finalise delivery details and payment.
  • Approximately 14-21 days later your prescription sunglasses will be despatched direct to you.

If you're having trouble understanding the prescription that your optometrist has given you, click here for our "How To Read Your Prescription" guide.

RX01 Classic Wraparound

RX03 Premium

RX04 Premium Military

RX05 Tortoise Shell Slabs

RX06 Gloss Black Slabs

RX07 Black/Yellow Slabs

RX08 Gloss Black Slabs

RX11 Crystal Brown Cruisers

RX12 Matte Black Cruisers

RX18 Matte Black Vision+

Lens Colour
Lens Type

Smoke Tinted (Grey)
Copper Tinted (Brown)

Medium Impact AS/NZS1337.6 Safety Lenses
UV400 (Non-Polarised) - $269.00 (FREE mirror finish)
Polarised - $299.00
Photochromic Non-Polarised - $369.00 (Tint level range 85% to 0%)
Photochromic Polarised - $399.00 (Tint level range 85% to 30%)

This is the information we need to make your prescription lenses. If you're having trouble understanding the prescription that your optometrist has given you, have a look at our How To Read Your Prescription guide.

IMPORTANT: Due to the width of the lens rails in our frames we aren't able to accommodate prescription lenses with sphere or cylinder measurements outside of the range of -3.00 to +3.00.

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Delivery within Australia by your choice of Standard, Courier or Platinum Priority delivery starting from $7.95 for 1-2 pairs or $11.95 for 3-5 pairs. AFPO and international delivery available. Click here for delivery information.

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